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What I believe in
Crafting distinct, memorable and timeless visual brand solutions

Who I am

Christopher Reed is a designer of timeless trademarks and visual identities. He runs an independent graphic design business in Richmond, VA collaborating with clients, providing visual brand strategies worldwide to grow their business through distinctive, meaningful and emotive design.

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What I do

By nature, I am a problem solver to businesses who need  a visual solution in a saturated marketplace. I utilize graphic design as a problem solving tool, and introduce order and simplicity to complex or unfocused systems. The end results are ultimately unique, original and most importantly honest visual solutions, that aid in distinguishing any company from its competition.

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Defining the Positioning of a Brand
Aug 21, 2019

Recently, I came across some fascinating information on a tool that can help anyone define the positioning of a client's brand. Created by JustCreative founder Jacob Cass, the Brand Personality Slider is a...

5 Design Principals You Should Know
Jul 22, 2019

There are rules in graphic design that every designer should practice in order to help you communicate your intended message easier. Here are the top 5 principals that I use everyday as a graphic designer.

12 Must Have Tools For Graphic Designers
Jul 22, 2019

So today, I wanted to give my insight on the most optimal tools that designers should be using in 2019. Whether you are just starting out as a designer or a veteran in the field, these are definitely a must have for our industry.

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