Created the website, corporate identity, other elements and trademark design.
July 2017
Lisa's Daughter is a non-profit business that re-imagines motherhood through education, support, and encouragement.

I was contacted by Tia Ballard, owner and executive director of the organization in regards to creating an identity from the ground up to get the organization up on its feet. The problem was, how could we turn Lisa's Daughter, an organization that nobody has ever heard about, into something that people would actually want to be a part of and support?  The solution was simple, in order to execute this project, I had to find out who exactly her target audience was, where they were located, and what they liked and disliked. We sat down together and did research, conceptualized the aesthetics of her organization based off the information we had gathered, and I provided art direction in assisting in the creation of advertisements for her events to market herself to the commonwealth.

Social media, advertisements, search engine optimization, and the usage of her website played a huge role in our strategies to get the message out there that Lisa's Daughter was an organization dedicated to helping young mothers in need of baby supplies who could not afford them on a regular basis. 
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