Created the corporate identity, other elements and trademark design for the Virginia Department of Social Services
March 2019
I was given the opportunity to work with the Virginia Department of Social Services to help develop their identity for the division of benefit program. Upon initialization of the project, there was no preconceived notion as to how the design should look.

For this project, and many projects that I previously have worked on that involved corporate identity design, I began with a detailed analysis of the division's attributes and created a user persona to who I would be designing for. Once discovering these two things, I created what is known as a Stylescape, which is collection of brand assets such as colors, typography, photography, patterns, etc. that are combined together to build a visual aesthetic of a brand. This step helps to devise a plan for the next step which is the execution of the trademark design. Based on the information from the brand attribute exercise, the user persona created, and the Stylescape, I developed the trademark that visually represented who and what the division was.

For the design, the motif was centered around providing a "helping hand" towards the people of Virginia, and most importantly, to America. This can be seen with the addition of the people within the hand. The stripes that create the people can also be seen as a gesture towards the American flag. Upon proper usage, the stripes can become an entertaining visual element that can be used in the identity to help unify the visuals of all corporate pieces (see below).
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