5 Design Principals You Should Know

July 22, 2019

Basic Principals of Graphic Design

There are rules in graphic design that every designer should practice in order to help you communicate your intended message easier. Here are the top 5 principals that I use everyday as a graphic designer.


When designing, scale can be an effective tool to help guide viewers to specific element of a composition. Certain elements that are larger than others in a design attract our attention more than others. All throughout history, our minds have associated size with importance, so the largest element in any design should have the most importance and the smaller elements should be of least importance.


Similar to scale, color can also provide a sense of differentiation when used properly with other elements. It can be used as a visual organizational tool to help guide the viewers eye to different parts of a design. Our eyes love colors that are bold and contrasting.


Dramatic shifts in color, text or sizes of elements visually show the differentiation between elements. For example, changing from a light to a dark color, or using a bold typeface in conjunction to a light typeface creates contrast.


Alignment is typically used to give a sense of order to any composition, and can be done so in many ways. It aids in the guidance of a viewers eyes through a design by allowing them to subconsciously follow lines. A popular use of alignment can be seen in web design, however you can see it on other things such as page layout design and more. Typically, alignment can be best achieved through the use of a modular grid.


This is a way to quickly separate and group certain elements of a design. It's most functional purpose is relate similar content or distinguish one group of content from another. Elements that are close in proximity are typically associated with each other.

Did you know these design principals? If you enjoyed reading this, let me know below and comment!

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