New Website Up!

July 22, 2019


If you are new here and reading this, welcome! I have a lot of exciting things that have happened to me within the last couple of weeks and I feel the need to share them with you, my audience!

Here's what I have been up to:

I have accepted a position as a Graphic Designer Coordinator at McGuireWoods, a law-firm with 22 offices across the nation. (Yay!)

I have re-designed my website and refreshed my identity, as you can see, to reposition myself and to help businesses of all sizes  with branding and corporate identity design. I will be known by just my name now, instead of "Chris Designs". I also want to help the design community, more specifically designers who are just starting out who need help. My goal is to provide resources to people in hopes that it will add value to their lives and help them on their career journey.

I will be blogging more often about different researched topics such as tips for design, information on business and marketing, how to learn brand strategy and more.

So what does this mean for you?

More content! I will still be posting regularly on my Instagram page (which you should go check out if you like logos and identity design) every Friday at 12pm EST, and I will also be posting on my other social media sites as well, like Dribbble, LinkedIn, and Behance. I also would like to mention that every week, I will be sending out a newsletter to those of you who subscribe, that will contain awesome content, stories and mistakes I made in my design career, valuable resources like free icon sets, templates and more! I encourage you to check it out and subscribe if you are interested, as you won't be disappointed.

That about sums up the events that have happened to me recently. I can't wait to make more content!

Until next time.

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