Defining the Positioning of a Brand

August 21, 2019

Recently, I came across some fascinating information on a tool that can help anyone define the positioning of a client's brand. Created by JustCreative founder Jacob Cass, the Brand Personality Slider is a brand strategy tool that promotes discussion between designers and their clients, helping you get on the same wave length when it comes to defining the positioning of your client's brand in the market. This tool is absolutely useful when it comes to logo design, strategy and branding projects.

Why is it important?

"A Brand Personality Slider is a quick and efficient strategy tool that helps define brand positioning and acts as the perfect anchor and reference tool when it comes to design and the branding process." - Jacob Cass

Actual image of Jacob Cass' Brand Personality Slider - free when you subscribe on his website.

You should use this tool in the early stages of the branding process, as it will help mold the overall feeling of the brand and develop more of a defined path to follow before going into the brainstorming and conceptualization phase. I know that in all future projects, that I'll definitely be utilizing this tool much more often, as it is very useful. I encourage you to check out his work as well, and If you like what you read, leave a comment and subscribe to stay up to date on more blogs like these in the future!

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