August 19, 2020


How are you lovely people? I've been inactive with my blog posts for quite some time now, it seems. I bet you're wondering where I disappeared to?

Let's just say a LOT of things happened while I was gone, here's a brief overview of where I've been and what I was doing:

  • From the beginning, I've always wanted the name Christopher Reed positioned to be seen as a brand. With that in mind, I have partnered with three companies in which I have extended my brand's creative services to. While partnered with these companies, I have gained a tremendous amount of skill working on projects, and have learned quite a lot of things.
  • I have grown from just specializing in trademark and corporate identity design to focusing on the bigger picture in branding, implementing art direction into more projects, which is a huge accomplishment for me. I have personally always wanted to reach the goal of being an Art Director in Branding & Corporate Identity design, so this has been a special achievement. If you don't know what art direction is or what the role of an Art Director encompasses, here's a brief description: Art Directors are responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign (ie. in the case for me, would be branding).
  • As a person, I am always trying to improve myself and my brand, which is why I have been thinking about flushing out and developing my own personal brand more. There are areas within the brand in which I see room for improvement, so I will be focusing on the development of that. With that in mind, you may see slight changes to the site.
  • I'm getting into course creation (yay) so I'll be in the process of developing a course aimed towards designers and or individuals looking to elevate and polish their logo design skills and creative thinking. In addition to developing the course, I will also be coming to YouTube soon as a content creator! I still need to buy the equipment I need to create the videos, but soon! On there, I will talk about tips, tricks, design tutorials, and take you through my journey in the Graphic Design Career.
  • As far as blogs go, I'll try to update them as best as I can, but most of my energy will mostly be put into content creation on YouTube, my course and on my social media pages.
  • I have also been working on a few products, and a typeface which I would like to finish by this year, but if it's not finished, I'll try and aim for next year! If you haven't seen the sneak preview for the typeface, you can check it out on my Instagram page, the link to that is down below.

That pretty much sums up where I've been and what I've been doing this year. 2020 has been pretty crazy and there's still much work to be done, but I'm so glad that I'm in a career where work is actually fun!

Thanks for taking the time to open and read this, it definitely means a lot.

Take care, and have a good one.

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